Why Termnexus?

Termnexus is a terminology server, created by a team with international experience of implementing terminologies and using them in clinical information systems.

RESTful API Access
Our APIs are well documented and support RESTful API calls for access SNOMED CT, dm+d, ICD, LOINC and other coding systems. So you can use any programming language of your choice. Or you can try Swagger or Postman if you prefer to test it out!
Manage Local Codes
Import your own local codes as lists or code systems, which can be versioned and accessed via REST calls. All these can be accessed alongside existing reference terminologies.
FHIR API Support
Support for FHIR terminology specification for accessing popular coding systems and your own codes. You can swap out between terminology servers, minimising the need to rewrite code.
Prebuilt Client Libraries
We have pre-built client libraries (SDKs) for integration Termnexus into popular coding languages like Java, .NET, Python, JavaScript, etc. So you can just import our client libraries and focus on your business logic.

Out of the box Terminology Standards

Clinical applications need a wide range of terminology products to support different use cases. Termnexus comes prepackaged with most commonly used terminology standards and coding systems out of the box – SNOMED CT, dm+d, Unified Test List (UTL), LOINC, ICD-10, HL7 reference value sets, etc. We of course support access to multiple versions of the standards where appropriate.

Want to use SNOMED CT, ICD-10, etc in your product?

Our support you in best practices for using SNOMED CT, ICD-10 etc in your product.

Local Code Management

We understand that often existing/legacy codes that do not align to recognised standards are needed in enterprises. Often these are part of form templates and required for workflows. We support import of existing local codes and maintaining them as code systems. You can version them, access them via APIs and of course map them to a reference standard if needed.

Termnexus has mapping capabilities on top of basic content management functionality, which allow legacy/enterprise content to be migrated as mappings to existing org newly created SNOMED CT content.

Procuring for the NHS?

You can procure our products and services using frameworks via the Digital Market Place

Data entry, retrieval use cases

We understand that support data entry in clinical applications has specific use requirements. Our experts designed our APIs to specifically meet some of these requirements

  • Display terms – SNOMED CT too long
  • Users do not see `familiar` hierarchies
  • Search results
    • Constraining search space to avoid too many results
    • Search results order – why should asthma come before aster?
    • Word order agnostic search

Want to use a FHIR compliant Terminology Server?

Termnexus supports the use of SNOMED CT, dm+d, LOINC, ICD-10 via FHIR specification. Unlock the power of dynamic mapping, generating dashboards and other analytics functionality in your applications!