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Why healthcare

Better healthcare solutions means patients and doctors can access relevant information at the right place, avoiding unwanted investigations/tests, reduce prescribing errors. 

Our products and your contributions help save or improve lives!

Why Us

Our mission is to help organisations record and share healthcare data, allowing reuse of this data by clinicians and patients. We have international experience of implementing healthcare solutions that are used in hospitals and other settings.

Career opportunities

Whether you have a technical background and wish to become a full-stack developer or from a clinical background and want to understand how next-generation healthcare solutions can be built, there are plenty of opportunities in our team to build your own career!

Team Overview

Termlex is a healthcare start-up that aims to change the way healthcare data is exchanged and healthcare software is designed. Our team has internationally recognised experts in healthcare IT with long standing experience in projects in the UK and across the world .



Products created


Consultancy projects


Combined experience



“A place where employer and employee grows simultaneously, employee gets to involve in all the activities of the company”

Senior Software Engineer in Bangalore, India

What our team say

“Leading edge healthcare informatics and tech. Great to be tackling real world problems with global information standards and great user interface solutions ”

Clinical Terminologist in Leeds, England

You can review our full profile on Glassdoor and also checkout our latest news and job opportunities.

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Team Culture & Benefits

We offer both consultancy services and products within healthcare with a focus on technology and data sharing and reuse (interoperability)

Our team operates virtually and while our senior team is based in London, we have team members who are located in India. There are plenty of opportunities for flexible and remote working

Hybrid-Remote Working

We are a hybrid-remote team - part of the team works in-office, part of the team works remotely. We work flexibly within our own time zones to ensure that team members are able to fit in their personal life alongside work life. We rely on asynchronous communication mostly Slack and emails to ensure that everyone stays in-sync.

Continuous Learning

We pride ourselves in being a team that promotes continuous learning. As a small team we rely heavily on automation and new technologies to stay productive and relevant! You can expect to be exposed to new learning opportunities from business analysis, software development, full-stack skills, to server operations (depending on your career path of course)!

Benefits & Perks

In addition to generous pay packages, we offer 25+ days of annual leave, paid sick leave allowance, pension contributions, performance bonuses, health insurance cover and more. Of course we feel that the intangible benefits of working across international teams and cultures in an agile work culture is a big perk in itself!

Current Job Openings

We are always on the look out for passionate and talented members to join our team. You can find currently open job openings listed below.

Junior Software Engineer

We are looking for a Junior Software Engineer who will be joining us at an exciting stage, where our new products are gaining increasing traction across users and potential customers. You will develop the REST APIs and business logic for our existing & future products using Java in the backend and Angular in the frontend, supported by both SQL and NoSQL backends You will be involved in every stage of the software development lifecycle from requirements to server deployment and DevSecOps. The ideal candidate will someone who is self driven, willing to progress your career to become a full-stack developer.

Trainee Clinical Informatician

We are looking for someone with a clinical background (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc) to join our team of clinicians and terminologists. You will help conversion of diseases, procedures into a codes used for sharing of information electronically. You will work with other clinicians in the team to create a standardised names of laboratory/pathology tests that will allow lab test results to be exchanged electronically. The ideal candidate will have a willingness to understand how software development and technology works in the context of clinical practice and applying their clinical knowledge to product development.

How to apply

We usually advertise our jobs via our website and also via Indeed jobs. To apply for any opening, please use the relevant Indeed Jobs link for the job. If you don't see any jobs listed currently or any that match your current interests/skills, then you can always contact us using the Contact Us section below.

Want to join us?

Want to join our team, but unsure what job openings exist? You can contact us by clicking on the contact us button below and filling in your details and we'll get in touch soon!

Past Projects

We work with clients in NHS and across the country to create software that solve clinical problems. Have a look at some of our projects.

Want to see how we create software?

Find out more about about how we approach software development, technologies we use and more!

Latest News & Blogs

Thoughts, latest news and case studies from us!

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