Terminology Implementation

Our terminologists combine many years experience of clinical work, curating SNOMED CT and supporting deployment. We specialise in supporting the implementation of SNOMED CT in clinical information systems and its maintenance in enterprise settings.

Informatics & Interoperability

Our clinical & informatics expertise enable our clients to easily adopt interoperability standards (SNOMED CT & FHIR) and derive their  benefits. We have experience of implementing interoperability standards in multiple countries in different roles.

Application development

We have the skills and experience to quickly evaluate requirements, analyse and represent information using SNOMED CT and FHIR messaging standards. We enable our clients to use APIs and create bespoke clinical solutions based on healthcare standards.

Our Vision

“Help organisations capture & share data in ways that allows access to healthcare information by the right people at the right time!”

Our Core Values

“Lower barriers to adoption of terminology & interoperability standards in healthcare by offering products and services that enable their adoption.”

Our belief

“Interoperable healthcare data results in a better patient experience all around!”

Interoperability & Informatics Skills

As a team of former-clinicians (doctors, nurses, etc) and software engineers, we are passionate about the role of informatics in successful adoption of technology in healthcare.



Products created


Consultancy projects


Combined experience


Current & Past Clients

Pathology Standards Expertise

Our team supported NHS Digital in the design and development of England's pathology (lab-medicine) standards based on the Unified Test List (UTL), HL7 FHIR and UCUM. We can assist you in adopting these standards!

SNOMED CT Implementation & Content Management

Our team are aware of practical challenges and implementation issues in SNOMED CT enabled systems. We have worked directly with clinical users, technical teams, solution architects, decision makers and national programme leads in diverse roles.


We specialise in supporting the implementation of SNOMED CT in clinical information systems. Our services support enterprises and National Release Centres that face the question - 'how to use' SNOMED CT or terminology standards in our products or integrate it in a product or project roadmap.

Content Management

We support creation and maintenance of SNOMED CT content in enterprise settings (including National programmes). We advise enterprises on managing their local codes and their migration to SNOMED CT. We can assist in the creation and maintenance of extensions and refsets/subsets via APIs and specialists tools.

Tooling & Training

Our services and training enable our clients to use SNOMED CT in their products and deliver the benefits of SNOMED CT to their end users. We support adoption of terminology servers, APIs and tools within your ecosystem. We also offer terminology server solutions and tooling to support your needs.

Our products support SNOMED CT adoption

We believe in lowering barriers to adopting SNOMED CT and in enabling interoperability of data.

Our products include terminology servers, browsers and mapping tools that allow you to access SNOMED CT content, subsets, cross maps, etc. We have a range of tools that support migration of existing local data (uncoded or coded in legacy standards) to SNOMED CT.


Pathnexus is a lab data harmonisation platform to create, maintain & access standards based catalogues for pathology/lab test requests and results. Use it to build maps between local codes and migrate to SNOMED CT. You can also create new test codes based on SNOMED terms if needed.


Termnexus is a Terminology Server with a RESTful API that that makes it easy to use SNOMED CT in your applications. It comes pre-packaged with default configurations which means that you should be able to get it up and running quickly. It also makes it easy to manage localised content and deal with content updates.


Snolex is a fresh look at searching and exploring SNOMED CT. It  has a super fast search and browse interface that makes it an excellent SNOMED CT browser. Snolex also allows you to create, browse and share Refsets. You can browse the International edition of SNOMED CT and other national editions.

Want to implement SNOMED CT?

Our team have experience of addressing implementation issues in SNOMED CT enabled systems. Our products can simplify usage of SNOMED CT in data entry, retrieval, subsets and interoperability settings.

Application Development & Our Project portfolio

We specialise in designing software used in clinical settings. We are a team with both software and clinical informatics expertise! We work with clients in NHS and across the country to create software that solve clinical problems.
Have a look at some of our projects.

Have a great idea? We can turn your idea into an app

Our team of software engineers will work closely with you to turn your innovative ideas into software!

News & Blog

Latest news and case studies from us! Follow our experts who share thoughts on clinical informatics or standards.
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