Software Development Services

Why choose us?

We specialise in designing software used in clinical settings. We are a team with both software and clinical informatics expertise!

User driven

We believe in client and user driven development. So your requirements come first

Best practice

We use industry best practices and open source components to ensure best value for our clients.

Clinical expertise

We use our informatics and standards knowledge to advise clients on usage of clinical data

Our Software Development Approach

We aim to customise our software development approach for every client project, from requirements analysis and design to deployment and maintenance.

Initial Planning

We aim to have a planning meeting with clients early on, to collect relevant information and to understand client needs.


We undertake requirements analysis and review them with clients, so we can establish priorities and create user stories as needed.


Once requirements analysis is complete and agreed with the client, we design the system and underlying models before we start development work.


Our team start writing code using best practices, based on designs that were created. We aim to use mature open-source components in project to reduce longer term on-going costs for our clients


At every step along the way, we test the software to ensure that it is ensure its quality. We use open source tools for automated testing and quality controls.


We use continuous deployment, to ensure that the new features and fixes are available to our clients to test and feedback immediately.


Depending on client needs, we also maintain the software based on service agreements.

Let us help you create your next clinical app

Application Development Skills

We design and create healthcare software that is used in live systems. We can build your next-gen system based on healthcare standards from scalable enterprise software to mobile apps. We work with clients in the NHS and across the UK to create software that solves clinical problems.

Requirement Analysis & Solution Architecture
Product Development - backend and frontend
Mobile app development
Healthcare interoperability standards
APIs, REST, Authentication
Microservices, DevOps, Platform monitoring

How we work

Our core philosophy has been to understand, and address client needs using our expertise. We follow Agile development approach and engage our clients in user acceptance testing from an early stage.

Agile Development

We have successfully delivered Agile projects, working closely with clients in integrated teams of clinicians, analysts, architects and software developers. We use weekly sprints and daily agile stand ups to ensure we are aligned to our client requirements. This allows us to quickly react to changes in requirements and also reduce delays in project delivery.

User Acceptance Testing

We place users and their experience at the centre of our software development process. We follow continuously deployment (via automation using tools like Jenkins, Ansible, etc) to ensure our clients/users are able to test and feedback on a product/project as it evolves. This means we are able to rapidly act on user feedback, sometimes in a matter of days and sometimes even minutes!

Interoperability expertise

We have decades of involvement in interoperability standards - covering terminologies (SNOMED CT), messaging (FHIR). We offer this expertise to our clients, so they can design products that conform to national standards or are able to interoperable with existing systems. Our clients are then able to share or reuse data with/from other national systems.

Technologies we use

We rely on modern development tools, popular technologies and open-source frameworks


Spring Boot, Spring Data, Hibernate, Grails, JHipster, Ionic

Enterprise Components

RabbitMq, Consul, Zuul, Hysterix, Keycloak, Elasticsearch, Nginx

Databases & Caches

MariaDb, MongoDb, MySQL, Redis, Hazelcast, H2


Angular, NodeJs, Bootstrap, SCSS, Webpack, HTML5

Continuous deployment

Ansible, Jenkins, Bash scripts, Gitlab pipelines


Docker, Maven, Linux (CentOs), Swagger, Java, Groovy, Git

Want to turn your idea into a product?

We have experience of working closely with clients and clinicians to turn ideas into products used in NHS!

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