Simplifying healthcare terminology implementation

Terminology Implementation

We specialise in supporting organisations with their terminology & coding needs. We have experience of implementing SNOMED CT and other terminology systems.

Standards Expertise

We can help configure your systems for search, analytics, persistence and mapping to SNOMED CT, ICD-10 and other healthcare standards. We have experience of working in various national programmes across the globe.

Application Development

We have experience of designing and creating healthcare software that is used in live systems. We can build your next-gen system based on healthcare standards & enterprise software.

Our Services & Experience

We specialise in supporting the implementation of SNOMED CT in clinical information systems and the its maintenance in enterprise settings. Our services and products  enable our clients to adopt SNOMED CT easily and realise its benefits.


We help all enterprises and National Release Centres that face the question - 'how to enable/use' SNOMED CT or terminology standards.


We advise enterprises on managing their local codes with reference to SNOMED CT and help them work with interoperability standards like FHIR.

Tools & Training

Our training, APIs and tools enable our clients to use SNOMED CT in their products and deliver the benefits of SNOMED CT to their end users.

Our Vision

“Help organisations capture & share data in ways that allows access to healthcare information by the right people at the right time!”

Our Core Values

“Lower barriers to adoption of terminology & interoperability standards in healthcare by offering products and services that enable their adoption.”

Interoperable healthcare data results in a better patient experience all around!

Start working with an company that can provide expertise in terminology & interoperability standards like SNOMED CT & FHIR. We believe that clinical needs drives product evolution and healthcare standards exist to support the need to access & share information.

Our expertise is based on  international experience of implementing healthcare standards and using them in clinical information systems that are used by clinicians.

Have a look at some of our past projects and our products to see how we help our clients!


Snolex is a fresh look at searching and exploring SNOMED CT. It  has a super fast search and browse interface that makes it an excellent SNOMED CT browser. Snolex also allows you to create, browse and share Refsets. You can browse the International edition of SNOMED CT and other national editions.


Termlex is a Terminology Server with a RESTful API that that makes it easy to use SNOMED CT in your applications. It comes pre-packaged with default configurations which means that you should be able to get it up and running quickly. It also makes it easy to manage localised content and deal with content updates.

EHR Foundry

EHR Foundry is a sandbox cum developer platform that makes it easy to combine standards-based APIs together to create healthcare applications rapidly. It brings together the power of FHIR and SNOMED CT via APIs to allow you to create data driven applications and pipelines in no time!

Past Projects

We work with clients in NHS and across the country to create software that solve clinical problems. Have a look at some of our projects.

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