Why Snolex?

Snolex is a SNOMED CT browser, refset manager and demonstrator for SNOMED CT. It comes with a clean, well-designed interface, powered by cloud technologies. It was created by a team with international experience of implementing SNOMED CT in clinical information systems.

User Focus
Snolex is a fresh look at searching and exploring SNOMED CT. It has a super fast search and browse interface that makes it an excellent SNOMED CT browser.
Search as you type, fast
Snolex allows you to search as you type and it can handle matches even with partial words. It automatically sorts these results using its proprietary scoring engine to bring back relevant matches. Did we say it was fast?
Clean, modern interface!
Snolex has an interface that incorporates elements of modern user interface design, to present details in an intuitive layout! Out responsive interface also adapts to fit different screen resolutions, so you don't need to be on a desktop to browse SNOMED CT content.
Built for the cloud
Snolex was build using Cloud technologies from the start. So it allows you to store you preferences, searches on the cloud and access them from anywhere! We also believe that we all learn and understand information differently. So, Snolex supports multiple browse modes to fit your style!

Want to include Snolex like search in your product?

Our experts can help you design fast, intuitive search for SNOMED CT and other terminologies.

Want to create Refsets?

Clinical applications often need to create refsets (subsets) to constrain what users search or see as part of data entry. Snolex allows you to:

  • Browse national and international refsets
  • Create your own refets using an intuitive interface
  • Search your refsets as part of APIs calls via the underlying terminology server Termnexus

Trying to build your own Search algorithm?

There are important considerations for building an in-house search engine for terminologies like SNOMED CT. Check out our international conference presentation on this topic!

Intuitive search for data entry

We understand that support data entry in clinical applications has specific use requirements. Our experts designed our APIs to specifically meet some of these requirements

  • Display terms – SNOMED CT too long
  • Users do not see `familiar` hierarchies
  • Search results
    • Constraining search space to avoid too many results
    • Search results order – why should asthma come before aster?
    • Word order agnostic search

Want to use a FHIR compliant Terminology Server?

Snolex uses our Termnexus, our enterprise ready terminology server behind the scenes. Termnexus supports the use of SNOMED CT, dm+d, LOINC, ICD-10 via FHIR specification.