UK Public Sector Frameworks

Termlex is a trusted supplier to the UK government and our products and services are available through the Digital Outcomes and G-Cloud 13 frameworks. Through these, the public sector clients can obtain our services quickly, safely, and efficiently knowing that our organisation meets government suppliers' highest ethical and social values.

Digital Outcomes

We create and design healthcare solutions that are used in live systems. We can build your next-gen system based on healthcare standards from scalable enterprise software to mobile apps.

G-Cloud 12

Termlex’s expertise in Cloud services delivers a thorough approach from consulting to application transformation. We are well situated to provide cloud-based services in any clinical setting required.

Procuring for NHS?

You can procure our products and services through the frameworks mentioned above

How Termlex can help you?

Our products and terminologists with expertise in clinical informatics enable easy implementation and adoption of SNOMED CT and other interoperability standards. Generally, a migration project from legacy data to standards such as SNOMED CT, LOINC, ICD, Dm+D, etc requires experience and a comprehensive understanding of the database and tool. However, Termlex makes this migration process simple by allowing clinical experts(without being SNOMED CT experts) to identify appropriate matches with the help of our Harmonisation Platform – Pathnexus and Terminology Server – Termnexus.

Apart from these products, we also offer Implementation, Content Management, Content Authoring, and Mapping/Migration as part of our Consulting Services and we also offer Application Development Services.