SNOMED CT Implementation & Content Management Services


We specialise in supporting the implementation of SNOMED CT in clinical information systems. Our services support enterprises and National Release Centres that face the question – 'how to use' SNOMED CT or terminology standards in our products or integrate it in a product or project roadmap

Content Management

We support creation and maintenance of SNOMED CT content in enterprise settings (including National programmes). We advise enterprises on managing their local codes and their migration to SNOMED CT. We can assist in the creation and maintenance of extensions and refsets/subsets.

Tooling & Training

Our services and training enable our clients to use SNOMED CT in their products and deliver the benefits of SNOMED CT to their end users. We support adoption of terminology servers, APIs and tools within your ecosystem. We also offer terminology server solutions and tooling to support your needs.

SNOMED CT Implementation

Our team are aware of practical challenges and implementation issues in SNOMED CT enabled systems. We have worked directly with clinical users, technical teams, solution architects, decision makers and national programme leads in diverse roles.

Access content and features of SNOMED CT

We have extensive experience of using SNOMED CT in health care products. We have helped clients create SNOMED CT enabled products and we also use SNOMED CT in products we offer to the NHS. We can assist you in accessing content and specific features of SNOMED CT.

Use of Subsets to match clinical requirements

We have created subsets that are used within our own products and also helped design them for clients, including national programmes. We have a deep understanding of the needs of clinical users in using SNOMED CT for data entry (too many results, word order, relevance of results,etc) and how subsets can be leveraged to meet clinical requirements, while avoiding the challenges associated with refsets.

Support data entry, storage, retrieval

We have designed data entry screens that leverage SNOMED CT content using basic functionality like string matching to advanced features like Expression Constraint Language (ECL) queries for dynamically constraining data entry. We have also built end to end demonstrators that showcases how SNOMED CT coded healthcare records can be stored and retrieved – using both pre and post-coordinated data and queries.

Creating and maintaining SNOMED CT extension content

For enterprises and national programmes requiring their own SNOMED CT content (extension), we have expert knowledge and practical experience in helping.

  • Establish release and maintenance processes
  • Establish process for identifying delta content and upcoming changes in International Edition
    • Content of interest for translation, or of interest to refsets – including tools around it.
  • Establish quality assurance process (and metrics) around content

Development and deployment of cross maps

We have helped clients realise the benefits of SNOMED CT data analytics. We understand the rules around the complex maps published by NHS Digital and SNOMED International and can assist you in fulfilling your mandatory dataset and reporting requirements.

National & International Expertise

We have experience of supporting implementation activities in three national programmes – UK, Singapore and Sweden. Members in our team have also been elected to Advisory (Committee) roles in SNOMED International. We worked closely with NHS Digitial in the design and delivery of their strategy of national pathology standards, based on SNOMED CT.

Need support using SNOMED CT?

We can work with you to identify a strategy to integrate SNOMED CT in your product or ecosystem. We can also advise on SNOMED CT can be integrated using APIs and specialist tools

Do you have a lot of local codes that need to be migrated to SNOMED CT? Keep reading

Content Management: Local code migration, subsets

We can assist in migrating your existing content/codes to SNOMED CT and creating subsets to meet your needs. A cherry picked subset often has longer term maintenance issues.  Our content management services are designed to address these challenges.

Need SNOMED CT Content Creation?

Subset (Refset) Creation/Maintenance
We create subsets used within our own products and also helped design them for clients, including national programmes. We can help you use SNOMED CT's advanced features like Expression Constraint Language (ECL) to both create and maintain subsets in the longer run. We can also advise on appropriate selection of subsets for your use cases
Content Creation - Local code Migration
We understand there are often codes that are needed within a system that might not be present in SNOMED CT. We can help you find appropriate matches in SNOMED CT if you are migrating your existing content. We can even create new content based on SNOMED CT principles to represent codes that you need.
Registries and Datasets
We have experience of migrating registries (datasets) into SNOMED CT in several roles and countries - cancer registries in Singapore and Sweden, Safer prescribing sets in Sweden and more recently the Health and Justice Information Services for England (HJIS) dataset in UK. Our experts can advise on the use of rules and conditional logic needed to migrate such data sets.

Need Refset Creation Tooling?

Our SNOMED CT authoring and refset tooling allows you to create and maintain your own extension, including refsets!

Tooling & Training

We design and create healthcare software that is used in live systems. We can support development and training the requirements for:

  • Data entry, storage, retrieval and communication of a SNOMED CT coded health record
  • Effective usage of SNOMED CT subsets, refsets, post-coordination, Description Logic classifiers, etc
  • Migration of existing data to SNOMED CT or mapping of data to other coding systems for reporting purposes.
  • Use of terminology server API, integration with FHIR data, etc
Requirement Analysis & Solution Architecture
SNOMED API (Terminolgy Server) integration
Healthcare interoperability standards
Post coordination, Expression Repositories
FHIR Terminology Server APIs
Data entry, retrieval using refsets, ECL queries, etc
Analytics across different SNOMED CT versions

SNOMED CT in our products and projects

We offer products that make it easier for clients to use SNOMED CT in their products, either as APIs or for managing content. We have also worked on projects for clients that use SNOMED CT for data entry, retrieval, rendering and interoperability.

Want to use APIs to consume SNOMED CT or FHIR data?

Need to support SNOMED CT based interoperability? We support the use of SNOMED CT terminology server APIs, consuming FHIR based data, dynamic mapping, generating dashboards and other analytics functionality in your applications.

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