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Our team has internationally recognised experts in healthcare standards with experience from the UK and across the world. We specialise in supporting the implementation of healthcare standards in clinical systems. We also create bespoke software that solves clinical needs.



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Core Skills & Expertise


We have world class terminologists who are grounded in clinical work and combine many years of experience in curating SNOMED CT and supporting deployment. We specialise in supporting the implementation of SNOMED CT in clinical information systems and its maintenance in enterprise settings.

Clinical Informatics

Our clinical & informatics expertise enable our clients to easily adopt SNOMED CT & FHIR interoperability requirements and deliver their  benefits. Our expertise is based on international experience of implementing healthcare standards and using them in clinical information systems.

Software & APIs

We have the skills and experience to quickly evaluate requirements, analyse and represent information using SNOMED CT and FHIR messaging standards. We enable our clients to use APIs and create bespoke clinical solutions based on healthcare standards.

Informatics Team Skills

As a team of former-clinicians (doctors, nurses, etc) and software engineers, we are passionate about the role of informatics in successful adoption of technology in healthcare. We have decades of experience of working in various commercial organisations and national programmes across the globe.

We apply our informatics & terminology expertise to enable interoperability of data.

SNOMED CT - maintenance, refsets/subsets, content development, implementation, PBCL, Read
Clinical informatics - requirements analysis, solution design
Messaging & Information Models - FHIR, openEHR, data design
Enterprise Terminology Management
Bespoke Application Development
National Release Centre Support

Informatics Team

Jay Kola
Informatics Specialist
I help people and organisations solve complex clinical and technology problems in settings from small hospital departments to national programmes.
Sarah Harry
Clinical terminologist
I’m a sort of librarian of ALL the clinical expressions people can say, collected in an organised international vocabulary (but with local UK content too) - SNOMED CT.
Malcolm Duncan
Informatics Specialist
I am committed to enabling the safe and effective retrieval and use of clinical data captured at point of care.

Working with us

Our core philosophy has been to understand, and address client needs using our expertise. Using Agile delivery we can easily channel our resources according to client priorities, focusing on adding value for clients.

Interoperability standards

We have decades of involvement in interoperability standards - covering terminologies (SNOMED CT), messaging (FHIR) and openEHR. We bring experience supporting of healthcare standards, enabling our clients to derive their benefits.

Implementation Skills

We have expertise in managing national reference terminologies, refsets/subsets and associated mappings. We support their implementation, having been involved in various national healthcare IT programs.

Agile delivery

We have successfully delivered Agile projects, working closely with clients in integrated teams of clinicians, analysts, architects and software developers. We ensure that your standards requirements are incorporated in your products.

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Application Development Skills

We design and create healthcare software that is used in live systems. We can build your next-gen system based on healthcare standards from scalable enterprise software to mobile apps. We work with clients in the NHS and across the UK to create software that solves clinical problems.

Requirement Analysis & Solution Architecture
Product Development - backend and frontend
Mobile app development
Healthcare interoperability standards
APIs, REST, Authentication
Microservices, DevOps, Platform monitoring

Product Development Team

Bhavana (BB)
Senior Software Engineer
Krishnaveni (Kris)
Junior Software Engineer
Trainee Software Engineer

Want to use APIs to consume SNOMED CT or FHIR data?

We support the use of SNOMED CT terminology server APIs, consuming FHIR based data, dynamic mapping, generating dashboards and other analytics functionality in your applications.

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Our team has internationally recognised experts in healthcare standards with experience from the UK and across the world. We specialise in supporting the implementation of healthcare standards in clinical systems. We also create bespoke software that solves clinical needs.


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