Termlex has world class terminologists & Informaticians

Our terminologists are grounded in clinical work and combine many years of experience in curating SNOMED and supporting deployment.
Our expertise is based on international experience of implementing healthcare standards and using them in clinical information systems.

We specialise in supporting organisations including National Release Centres with their terminology & coding needs. We specialise in supporting the implementation of SNOMED CT in clinical information systems and its maintenance in enterprise settings.

Software Development

We have experience of designing and creating healthcare software that is used in live systems. We can build your next-gen system based on healthcare standards & enterprise software. We work with clients in NHS and across the UK to create software that solves clinical problems.

Pathology & Lab Medicine

We have worked closely with lead clinicians and laboratory information managers to support national catalogues of laboratory test requests and results. We can offer terminology requirements analysis, digital maturity assessments and as part of the Termlex team provide tailored solutions to meet national informatics mandates.


As a team of ex-clinicians (doctors, nurses, etc), we are passionate about the role of informatics in successful adoption of technology in healthcare. We have decades of experience of working in various commercial organisations and national programmes across the globe. We combine our informatics approach with pragmatic understanding of standards like SNOMED CT & FHIR.


In a world that is rapidly moving towards interoperability using FHIR, we apply our informatics & terminology expertise to allow true interoperability of data. We believe that semantic interoperability is achieved when HL7 FHIR structures are bound to appropriate valuesets in coding standards like SNOMED CT.

Enterprise Vocabulary Maintenance

We advise enterprises on managing their local codes (& vocabularies) with reference to SNOMED CT (extensions, refsets/subsets). We also help them exchange date using interoperability standards like FHIR. We can help configure your systems for search, analytics, persistence and mapping to SNOMED CT, ICD-10 and other healthcare standards.