Implementing Laboratory Medicine (Pathology) Standards


SNOMED CT in Lab Medicine – building the `Community PaLM Extension` on the Unified Test List

As some of you know from my previous posts, my journey in Lab Medicine started with leading England’s national [...]

Enhancing Pathology/Lab Tests using SNOMED CT Observables

Enhancing Pathology/Lab Tests using SNOMED CT Observables Are you trying to make sense of Lab Test results using [...]

Apple varieties or apples and apple trees? LOINC, NPU and SNOMED CT in lab tests

As a clinical terminologist, I’ve been involved in or listened to many debates where people compare LOINC, NPU and [...]

Integrating Electronic Health Records with Clinical Trials – using SNOMED CT and HL7 InfoButton

This article is a follow-on from a presentation done at a recent SNOMED International webinar, where we discussed our [...]

What my `near death` experience taught me about leading the NHS Pathology Standards work

This is not a post about the current Covid-19 situation So please click away now, if that is what you thought As some [...]

Tea and Pattern Recognition

A post in the 'Meet The Team' series I’m Sarah Harry  I'm a clinical terminology specialist working with SNOMED [...]

SNOMED CT Implementation & Adoption as a Technology Transition – Lessons from Java’s Evolution

During my day job and my voluntary roles (at IHTSDO), I’ve often heard people say things like SNOMED CT is [...]

Ontology Design Considerations for SNOMED CT and other OWL ontologies

This post was inspired by some discussions on the IHTSDO discussions groups on the way to model substance hierarchies [...]