Code4Health Platform – APIs for FHIR, SNOMED CT & openEHR

The Code4Health Platform provides an open sandbox environment for anyone who wants to discover, demonstrate, test or build health and care solutions by simulating a wide range of open systems and services you are increasingly likely to find in UK health and care.

Why it matters?

Apart from being a sandbox environment, the Code4Health Platform provides various APIs to simplify the creation of healthcare apps. These APIs are based on UK and International standards and ensure any healthcare apps you build using the platform do not lock the data in to any specific system. Ensuring healthcare data is not locked in (aka portable data) is one of the core principles of the Open Platform approach.

Client’s brief on the platform.

The Code4Health Platform is for non-operational use only and does not store any personal data. Access to the data and services available via the Code4Health Platform is free to all registered users subject to agreement with a simple set of terms and conditions. The Code4Health Platform includes items that may also be freely available for use in an operational environment, while the operational use other items may require that you enter into a commercial agreement with the owner.